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Research Supported by Cure ATRT Now

Supporting innovative research to identify new and better treatments for children with brain cancer has been always been the number one priority of Cure AT/RT Now. We believe very strongly that with more funding and support, the cure to pediatric cancer is near. We are very happy to see that there has been significant progress in the past year.


Here are examples of two recent events that indicate how we are starting to make progress against this aggressive pediatric brain cancer. We are excited by these advances as research funded by Cure ATRT Now helped contribute to these findings.



  • Dana Farber Cancer Institute, where Avalanna was treated, has helped sequence the genes of 35 children with AT/RT.  The findings showed that the AT/RT gene complex that is mutated in AT/RT is also mutated in 20 percent of ALL human cancers.  As a result, advances in AT/RT research are also benefiting treatments of many other complex cancers.


  • On November 20th, 2014, Epizyme, a biopharmaceutical company, announced a Phase 1 dose escalation study that showed a partial response for a patient with AT/RT. This is one of the first real signs of HOPE in this battle against AT/RT - and this hope is very much needed.


For more information on the research that Cure AT/RT Now has funded, can be found here.

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