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About Avalanna

In 2006, Aileen and Cameron Routh's nine month old daughter, Avalanna, was diagnosed with a deadly pediatric brain cancer, Atypical Teratoid Rhabdoid Tumor (AT/RT). AT/RT is a highly malignant brain cancer that strikes infants and toddlers.


Avalanna battled this deadly disease for 6 years before it finally became a battle she could no longer fight.  Avalanna fought this battle with a greater sense of humor & grace that one could ever imagine.


When Avalanna was diagnosed her parents were devastated. Cancer was such an abstract thing to them: their beautiful daughter looked perfectly healthy, yet she had cancer. It just did not seem possible.


This cancer diagnosis brought Aileen & Cameron to their knees but Avalanna brought them back up to their feet. Avalanna radiated joy, love, laughter & so much mischief. She captivated every room she entered with a combination of energy and wisdom far beyond her years. There was no greater joy than to be with Avalanna.


AT/RT robbed the world of this amazing little girl who accomplished so much in her short life. But before leaving us, Avalanna founded Cure ATRT Now and launched a movement that now has the potential to save other children from this death sentence. AT/RT is resistant to current treatments so new treatments are needed & funding is very scarce. Join us in this fight.


To learn more about Avalanna, please go to Twitter or Tumblr:





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