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Kade Campbell


Kade was born 9/25/15 (on his parents wedding anniversary) with a rare aggressive brain tumor called Atypical Teratoid/Rhabdoid tumor (AT/RT). Kade had a 5% survival rate. Kade underwent surgery 12 hours after he was born so that further testing could be done. To follow, Kade had 3 more surgeries including a full tumor resection on Dec 10th 2015 and underwent 4 rounds of chemo. Then we received devastating news that tumors were growing in all areas of his Brian and spine. No other treatment was available for Kade due to his age. At 6 months, He went to be with our Lord and Savior on April 6, 2016. He left behind many family members and friends that dearly loved him. Kade was an inspiration to all. He drew more people closer to God then we can even count.


Kade not only made a huge impact on his family, but truly on everyone that came across him and his story. He was strong, courageous, fierce and a true fighter. Kade was a blessing and we couldn't be more thankful that God trusted us to be his parents on Earth! He smiled every step of the way and that is how we will always remember OUR HERO. We will never ever give up on finding a cure! Until we see you again sweet boy!

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