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Emmett "Reid" Marricle


Emmett "Reid" Marricle was born 9/8/14. He was an incredibly happy and relaxed baby who loved to be held and loved watching others. Though he was slower than some children with his development milestones, he always seemed to meet them, until August 2015 when he could no longer sit on his own or crawl. He was also vomiting severely. We found his tumor quickly and fully resected it. We began treatment on 9/11/15. Despite extremely harsh treatment (Dana Farber Protocol) Reid kept his smile and good attitude. He is, by far, the strongest baby I will likely ever know. Our precious hero had recurrence 7 months into treatment and the cancer had spread to his spine. We loved him fiercely for 7 amazing weeks and he left my arms and went into the Lord's on 6/9/16. ATRT is a nasty monster.


We found out the day after he died (from genetic testing) that he had the gene-deletion throughout his cells, not just in the tumor. We are awaiting results from myself and my husband to ensure we don't carry the gene-deletion that could be passed on to our other son or any children we may have in the future. I pray I am able to see a cure in my lifetime and I will do all I can to help fund that research. Thank you to all visiting Reid's tribute page and those who have helped fund the research to help end this ugly disease. We miss our precious boy and wish it upon nobody.

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